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Why Backup?

There are various reasons for having backups. In climbing a backup can save your life, but with data a backup can save your business..

  • More Smartsheet users means more people are sharing. People are not infallible. They make mistakes, and actually they make them quite often. There’s no reason to fear this if you take frequent incremental backups.
  • The IRS and regulatory commissions really don’t care that you had a data disaster. All it means to them is that you’re not compliant and they can fine you. Ensuring that you’ve got an offsite backup of critical Smartsheet information can really save you if something goes wrong.
  • You are responsible for your Smartsheet data. In the event of a minor or even major mishap, having a backup means your operations can recover quickly.

As a Smartsheet Power User, you most likely know that Smartsheet provides a convenient backup capability. However, the challenge comes when you want to recover from those backup copies and realize that features like automations, column settings, forms, cell formats, links etc. cannot be recovered because the copy you have is limited and outside the Smartsheet environment. With us, it's easy-peasy.

We are a Smartsheet Aligned Silver Partner and our SmartBackup solution is endorsed by Smartsheet. You can find us on the Smartsheet Solution Center.

SmartBackup is a next generation cloud-enabled backup platform for Smartsheet

It consists of...

  • 01 Backup

    Make an exact copy of your sheets, preserving your formats, links, formulas, forms, rules, attachments, etc. A feature not available from standard Smartsheet backups. Modernize the way you secure sheets by automatically backing up only recently changed sheets. That way you don't have to figure out what to backup.

  • Drain your Backup Pool by automatically moving older backups to a filestore outside of Smartsheet on your local computer.

  • On-demand or scheduled securing of all, recently changed, or individual sheets to a filestore on your local computer or other cloud platform outside Smartsheet. Ideal for taking snapshots or DRP Recovery points. Did we mention it can also perform incremental exports?


Myth! Smartsheet data only matters for Project teams, so it’s not that important.

Reality! SmartSheet data is essential to the entire operations of many companies.

Myth! The only reason to back up Smartsheet data is in case of a disaster.

Reality! Data losses are an everyday occurrence, and most of them are accidental.

Let's take a look at some of the biggest threats to your Smartsheet data

  • User deletion
  • A collaborator may accidentally delete a shared attachment, or you may delete some rows and then later learn that the data is still required.

  • Data overwrites with incorrect data
  • Smartsheet sheets typically contain large amounts of data that are constantly updated by multiple users. When large data sets are imported, accidental overwriting may become quite common.

  • Data corruption
  • Due to various scenarios, your data can get corrupted and become inaccessible, and you would be stuck without a robust backup solution in place.

  • Data migration issues caused by incorrectly mapped fields
  • If incorrectly mapped fields are imported, the correct data may be overwritten in your sheets.

  • Third-party applications errors
  • Third-party applications can modify data in ways you didn’t intend. With Smartsheet's wider adoption and inter-operation in the Enterprise, this becomes a major threat.

  • Data Loss
  • Data can be lost due to reasons other than malicious intent. Under new data protection rules, data destruction and corruption of personal data are considered forms of data breaches and would require appropriate notifications.

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Use it for

SmartBackup provides users with a way to automatically secure and preserve their Smartsheet sheets. This automatic process captures key context around the data and how it is used. Making it easier to enforce data governance policies.


SmartBackup is a sophisticated Backup solution exclusively designed for Smartsheet. It allows you to create online backups of your Sheets, Dashboards, and Reports in Smartsheet for easy and quick recovery from data loss.


SmartBackup is more than a backup engine. It is a modern data platform that can help you with privacy (CCPA, GDPR) compliance for your Smartsheet teams. It can also provide an offine audit trail of all your Sheet data to help you meet regulatory requirements.

Offline Exports

Our Export function allows you to automate the creation of offline backup copies of all your Smartsheet data. These offline copies can be used for disaster recovery purposes, for audit trails, or for systems migration and data security.

Enterprise Backups

SmartBackup Enterprise Edition can be centrally deployed and managed, and all functions can be set to run automatically without end user intervention. Member lists can be refreshed and backup vaults can be auto-provisioned.


SmartBackup is available in three main tiers, Starter Edition, Business Edition, and Enterprise Edition, with several sub-categories within each tier. The Starter Edition is free to use, while the Business and Enterprise Editions are annual subscriptions, based on the number of Smartsheet licensed users, and subject to terms and conditions. *Requires Microsoft Windows.


$0per year

Starter edition includes most key features of the Business Edition, but is limited to backing-up a maximum of 3 sheets and up to 10 attachments per sheet. It is ideal for testing.

  • Backup
  • Archive
  • Export
  • Single Instance
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Still unsure? Maybe this will help

Get peace of mind knowing that your Smartsheet data is backed up securely.

Review our SmartBackup Comparison Guide to see how SmartBackup compares to the standard backup options from Smartsheet. Then watch the User Interface video below for a peek into the solution.

User Interface Demo

This short video provides an overview of the SmartBackup Console user interface.


Please refer to the Summary table in the Documentation Portal for a summary of the key features and differences across the various SmartBackup Editions.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you haven’t taken deliberate action to back up your Smartsheet data, then it’s not protected. That means you can count on Smartsheet to ensure the security and integrity of the platform, but you are responsible for securing and managing all the data you generate.

  • What is SmartBackup?

    SmartBackup is a backup platform for Smartsheet that dramatically reduces the time and effort required to secure your Smartsheet data.

  • No. All backups are done within Smartsheet, creating exact copies of the original sheets in Smartsheet format. Physical restore is typically very easy, and in most cases consists of copying rows or cells from the backup sheet to the original sheet.

  • There is no limit on use. You can run backups, exports, and archives as frequently as your capacities allow. Of course, it is recommended that you first plan an appropriate backup strategy for your environment. That could include a full export once a month with incremental backups every weekday in the evenings, for example. Then you can use task scheduler to run the backups and exports automatically.

  • Yes, the Starter Edition is free for life. It is designed for evaluation purposes so it has some limitations. Download a copy using the button in the Pricing section above.

  • Yes and No. Yes, in that Smartsheet offers a standard backup process which has some limitations. No, as indicated in a report by Forrester, who point out the implications of SaaS platforms and that the User is still is responsible for securing their own data. By using SmartBackup, we just make it simpler, easier and better.

  • Yes, it will easily co-exist and integrate into other systems management tools. The degree of integration is up to you. For example, you may want to schedule it to run from within your Enterprise Scheduler, or you may want to embed it into PowerShell etc.

  • Yes, there are different versions please check out the Reference Guide The major differences between Business and Enterprise are automation, centralized deployment and administration, and more easily dealing with larger environments. For example in the Business Edition every Backup User needs a Smartsheet API token, easily obtainable and manageable for 1 or 3 Users. Thereafter it becomes problematic, something easily solved with the Enterprise Edition which uses a single "super API token" called a sysadmin token.

  • You can find comprehensive reference materials on the SmartBackup documentation portal

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